Privacy Policy - Facebook Covers

This Privacy Policy was written in English (US) - Date of Last Revision: May 25, 2018

Privacy Policy for our Facebook Cover Application:

- Our Facebook Cover App does not read, use or store your personal information.

- Our Facebook Cover App will only post the Cover of your Choice to your Photo Album and Timeline, if you give it permission.

Information shared with partners

We use Google Analytics to help us understand how our users interact with our services, such as what pages are most visited and what links are not used.
We use Google AdSense to provide advertising on Facebook Cover Application. Google AdSense uses cookies to provide high-quality ads that are more relevant and interesting to you.
We only share the minimum required information with our partners. We do not intentionally share any personal identifiable information with our partners. This means that the data we share with our partners isn't enough to identify our users. We don't intentionally share private data such as your email, username, user ID, private messages, etc...
With Google Analytics, we only make stats of the URLs/links our users visit and some of the buttons or links being pressed, without linking any of these stats or events to our users individually.
Please read the Privacy Policy of our partners and find ways to opt-out, below:
Google - How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services
Google Analytics - Opt-out
Google AdSense - Opt out of seeing personalized ads